1) EnerAsia – Global Energy Summit has helped us by providing a platform to track the new developments in the energy sector. It is crucial for any go-getting organization to explore the market, new products, and competitors. EnerAsia acted as a global opportunity to interact with the decision-makers, government officials and industrialists from India as well as other countries.

We issue EnerAsia platform a grand success for future events.

M.P.S. Tomar, C.E.(M) – I/C CC

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd



2) It was my pleasure to participate in this global summit. I am looking forward to continued association

Pawan Kumar Agrawal, President | Corporate Finance




3) It was a great pleasure to be at Enerasia-2015. It was systematically planned and implemented, the arrangements were good, the ambience pleasing and comfortable. It is indeed a great idea to promote such events on a regular basis, ensuring participation from Industries as well as Institutions, to provide a platform for much needed interactions and involvement to our Youth – our students and young career aspirants – in Energy Sector, which plays a key role in the progress and development of the Nation. India is a land of immense diversities and possibilities. The potential of our youngsters needs to be appropriately tapped and channelized

Vanita Thakkar,

Member – Governing Council,Solar Energy Society of India (SESI)